Professional transportation of furniture, things, bulky and heavy items in Ukraine as part of an apartment, country or office move.
What are we doing?
Moving company Passage is a professional transportation of furniture, things, large and heavy items in Vinnytsia and Ukraine within the framework of an apartment, country or office move.

You can order from us: dismantling and installation work, loading and unloading of trucks, wagons, airplanes, layout and packing of various products, assembly and disassembly of furniture, rigging.
Movers in all districts of Vinnytsia.
Most people have retained in their memory the image of a loader of the times of "unobtrusive Soviet service" and service of the post-perestroika period - "intrusive" and very even "noticeable"
Is one crossing equal to three fires?
If you are reading these lines now, it means that you have a problem of moving. Contact our moving company "Passage" - and we will do everything in the shortest possible time
Correct transportation of furniture.
Many people think that moving an apartment, office or country house is a simple matter that will not take much time and effort. But such thoughts arise only at the beginning, before packing things.
Why are we the best
- The company's employees work quickly, efficiently and smoothly.
Tired of watching workers hired "from the street" pull expensive furniture, peeling plaster and chipping corners? Don't you have the strength to watch the helpless expression on their faces?

Drive amateurs away and entrust the work to real professionals! We will keep your nerves, time, furniture and interior safe and sound. Professional skills and many years of experience will help us to do this. And special devices, tools and trolleys for transportation will only simplify the procedure.
- Our company works around the clock, without holidays and weekends.
Do you need an urgent move, and the carrier angrily proves his right to an 8-hour working day?

Refuse the "services" of such a company. Trust us. We will complete the work as soon as possible from the moment of ordering, because our schedule is adjusted only by the wishes of our clients.
- We accept payment strictly according to the established tariffs.
Are you indignant that the carrier requires additional payment in addition to the agreed amount? Don't you understand why you have to pay for excessive fuel consumption in a traffic jam?

Right. You shouldn't overpay. Refuse to cooperate with ransomware and scammers. Everything is fair with us. The amount previously agreed in the contract is unchanged, regardless of the circumstances. Force majeure situations, such as a stuck elevator, narrow doorways in the entrance and apartment, lack of parking spaces at the facility - these are the problems of our employees. They shouldn't bother you.

Our motto is financial transparency, as well as full legal and material responsibility!
- VIP-moving "turnkey".
Are you a business person who has no time to move? You do not know who to entrust the transportation of office equipment, furniture or equipment?

Entrust this work to Passage. Over the years of practice, the work of our team has become so well-coordinated that even a turnkey move is not a problem for it. We will disassemble all things, pack them, place them in a van, transport them, bring them in, assemble them and arrange them in the places indicated by you in the premises in just two or three hours. You will not see a pile of packed items, but assembled furniture and unpacked, functioning electrical appliances that you can use immediately after moving. Isn't it convenient?
- Moving without consequences.
Do you need to transport expensive antique furniture? Are you afraid to let sloppy workers into your house?

Then our company is at your service. Rest assured that nothing bad will happen to the furniture or the furnishings. Our movers will impeccably pack antique furniture, so that even centuries-old dust will remain on it, while not a single "modern" speck of dust will get inside the package. They will bring in, put objects, leaving no traces of their stay. The room will be as clean and comfortable as it was before the arrival of our workers, who will collect and remove all the garbage left over from the move.
- Our fleet of vehicles - readiness number 1.
Have you already had an unpleasant experience of transporting things and furniture, as a result of which there was a "shrinkage" and "shrinkage"?

We sympathize and are ready to help! Forget about everything you had to face. In our fleet there are only special vehicles driven by experienced and attentive drivers. Modern transport for transportation is equipped with various devices that will protect even the most fragile glass, mirror and porcelain items, as well as copiers and other expensive office equipment from impacts and shocks on the roads.
Passage is a reliable luggage room.

Have you rented out an apartment and the tenants are asking for furniture to be removed? Are you doing repairs and are afraid for the safety and integrity of future interior items?

Dont be upset. We will solve your problems quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Contact us - and our staff will carefully pack and take your things to the storage, after making an inventory list. You can receive your property according to the inventory on any day convenient for you.

We have earned the trust and recognition of our clients throughout Ukraine. Excellent service, impeccable work, friendliness, reliability and the ability to solve even the most difficult problems on an individual basis - this is just an incomplete list of the advantages of our company. Contact us!