Office move
In any business, as in life in general, there are ups and downs. This is influenced by various factors: the seasonality of your offer, the price level, the suitability of the target audience, the quality of the product or service. The location of your office plays an important role. It is not always possible for company leaders to choose a good place to conduct their business. Having found a better room, the management sets a new task - office relocation.
The tasks of the office moving manager include:
We guarantee the quality of materials!
Discuss the entire list of services provided
Correctly draw up a numbering system
Get the full coordinates of the traffic
Create a timeline for your move
Choosing a carrier company is a responsible business. Passage guarantees quality service for a reasonable price. We understand that every day of downtime matters to your business. Our company performs work on time. You will not lose any earnings or precious time.
As a rule, a modern office is not complete without office equipment
. Its transportation must be approached responsibly - there is a very "sensitive" technique, for which an inclination of even 45 degrees threatens to breakdown. Our specialists will cope with such a task. Do not worry about the integrity of fragile items: they will be properly packed and carefully transported.
Loaders "Passage" participate not only in the transportation process, but can also help with the arrangement in a new place: collect furniture, arrange it in the room. Office relocation should be clearly organized and thought out, only in this case you will be able to save time.
Our specialists also include office moving managers.
With him you discuss the schedule of your move, draw up a transportation scheme, determine the list of necessary services. The manager will also help you set up a numbering system to avoid confusion at the new location.

Sometimes company leaders try to shift the move onto the shoulders of employees - it's cheaper! But no matter how responsible your employees are, they will not give you a guarantee that all things will remain intact and intact. Everyone must do their job. "Passage" specializes in cargo transportation in Vinnitsa and Ukraine, and therefore can guarantee a quick and safe transfer.
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