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Apartment moving

Not many of us had a chance to live at least up to 30 years in one single apartment. Someone moved from one street to another, and someone completely changed the city and country of residence. Moving is a process in most cases chaotic and unpleasant: it always seems that something has been forgotten, you need to keep track of everything, control the loaders, pack well ... To save us from such hassle, there are companies engaged in cargo transportation.
Suburban moving

it is a rarer phenomenon than apartment relocation. But cargo transportation services may be needed not only when moving. Very often we take out old unnecessary furniture to the country. As a rule, these are old things: large cabinets, massive tables, heavy pianos. There are problems not only with transportation, but also with the size of the doorways. Our movers, at the request of the client, take measurements of doorways, disassemble furniture. When transporting large items, it is advisable that they be disassembled. Each part must be packed and securely fixed in the transport for transportation. "Passage" knows all the intricacies of cargo transportation.
An apartment move
An apartment move is often compared to a natural disaster: it is impossible to find the right thing, the service is broken, the tabletop is scratched. Indeed, it looks like the aftermath of a hurricane. Passage will protect you from these troubles. Our company employs experienced professionals. They have already come across non-standard furniture, narrow doorways, fragile loads, carrying heavy objects without an elevator, etc. We will take care of you, and the apartment move will quickly become a thing of the past.

The success of transportation is 90 percent dependent on the correct packing of things. The "Passage" manager will offer you several options: cardboard, polystyrene, film, boxes. You will not just get the material in your hands and be left alone with the packaging problem. Our movers will do it all for you. Another important point is fixation in transport. Your cargo will be securely located and will reach its destination safe and sound.

You will understand that they care about you already when ordering our services. The manager will advise which packaging is better to take for your belongings, determine the required number of loaders, and select the appropriate transport. You will also need to discuss the range of necessary services: will it be just loading and unloading, or will you need to arrange furniture and household appliances in a new apartment?
With "Passage" you will settle in a new apartment quickly and in a matter of hours. Our close-knit team guarantees a successful move. You don't have to spend money on furniture restoration and buying a new chandelier. Our specialists are reliable, professional and responsible - they can be entrusted with an apartment move.
Suburban moving

It has one more important detail - the transportation route. We have all been convinced long ago that there are no normal roads in our country. Transporting goods on broken roads is risky. Therefore, the shortest path is not always the best. The manager of our company, together with you, will build the optimal transportation route. This will save your nerves and the cost of repairing damaged furniture and equipment.

Company "Passage" dacha transfers in Vinnitsa and Vinnitsa region. It would seem that it is not far away - why hire movers? One who has never experienced a move might think so. There are many nuances to consider. Our experienced employees have already provided the "dacha moving" service many times and are now ready for any eventuality.

Not only furniture, but also household appliances are transported to the dacha. Special care is needed with her. We pay attention to every detail and deliver your equipment in working order.

When moving, many pay attention only to dimensional things. We know that every detail requires attention. Everything should be well packed, even food. You don't want to find a cranberry stain on a white armchair, do you? If your holiday relocation is global in nature and you take everything with you, literally, our professionals will take care of packaging and proper transportation. We are responsible for our services and guarantee the safety of your property.
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